Our Regional Specialities

Enjoy the benefits of Spanish cuisine. When going out in Palma de Mallorca, it is great to get together as a group and dive into the depths of the Mallorcan cuisine together. Share our delicious tapas with everybody within the group and explore the different styles and tastes ther Spanish cuisine offers. Or how about one of our freshly created paellas?


International Cuisine

Eating out is one of the best activities that can be done collectively as a group. Sitting together while enjoying a delicious glass of wine and to try different regional specialties makes you happy and unites. At Sunset Beach it is our aim to provide you a carfully selected choice of international specialities. From freshly made salads to the finest fish or meat dishes.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Monthly menus, special meals for events or the latest creations of our chefs. We always want to keep you curious about our food. Ask our staff for current special meals!




Grab your Sundowner

To go out for drinking can be easy but at the same time complex. Life is simply too short for bad taste. An evening at the Playa de Mallorca is something to treat yourself. And then it is important to take the advantage of the situation to go out for a bar. If it is still warm in the early evening, tasty drinks are the best. If you like it a bit tangy, you can also start with a gin and tonic. As things develop and the evening progresses you will usually note that a good place has much more to offer than tasty drinks and gin and tonic.


Explore Craft Beers

International as well as regional creations.

At Sunset Beach, we have decided that enjoyment is very important and that we choose the path that we think is the best. We have put together a great selection of international and regional craft beers. Discover your favorites

together with us!


Exclusive Beverage-Events

Try the latest beverage innovations. Attend workshops and learn how to mix your favorite drink. We always do our best to keep you entertained. Our network of highly motivated partners helps us to create a unique experience!


Our drinks

Here you can find our complete beverage selection!
From A like apple juice to Z like Zacapa (a very recommendable rum).

We have put together a fantastic selection for you. Be it cocktails prepared with passion, where you can enjoy the sunset. Or a delicious Craft Beer from our large but carefully selected collection.

Plesae scroll down for the Spanish and the English version.

Complete drinks menu