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Back where it all began

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We are very much looking forward to introduce you to the Sunset Beach Crew.

But we want to go a bit further, because our crew consists of many dedicated and motivated people, who together have already gained a lot of experience.

We have gained this experience in three exciting years with Bar11.

Team11 from Bar11

It all started with an idea

In August 2016, me and my father decided to open a new bar in Palma de Mallorca.

The aim was to create a new form of Sports Bar: Homelike as the typical Irish Pubs but with a fresh and modern look. With a menu, similar to the typical “spots pub food” but on a higher level and extended by regional highlights such as tapas.

Our first venue:

We started to look for a location...and this wasn’t easy!

But we found a location: Directly on the well known Paseo Mallorca. Perfect!

But wait....

That was not the typical look of a sports bar and especially

not the look of a modern upper-class sportsbar!

But that was the seating area...

We knew: There’s a lot of work to do until we welcome our first guests!!

That was our bar area....not the way we envisioned the bar area to be! We started to create our own concept of how a modern sportsbar should look like and started to work on it.

And the renovation work began..

Renovation Work

We kept almost nothing inside the premises as we wanted the bar to be as we imagined it.

But there was a lot of work necessary...

When the “rough work” was finished, the craftsmen began with the new wall in stone-optic and our bar area....slowely and after thousands of decisions based on our imagination, the bar began to develop....

That looks a lot more like Bar11 as you know it doesn’t it? ;)

But there was still something very important missing: The new furniture. Manufactured in Germany it arrived in Palma between Christmas and New Year (2016).

Unfortunately the delivery date we agreed on with the manufacturer was 2 weeks before christmas...and in order to top the late delivery we’ve been informed about the upcoming delivery one day before delivery. Thus the craftsmen who wanted to help had no time.

That was why I received the furniture on my own....and there I stood with a palette full of new furniture...but with great help we unpacked and set up the furniture with 2 persons within one day!

And the result was worth the work :)

We were about to be ready!

But some technical problems and detail work took more time than we thought

But again the final result was worth the work:

On 17th February we opened! The official Opening Party was in April 2017.

And suddenly one year passed! But it happened so much within this year....we met great people (and most of them became regular guests at Bar11), celebrated amazing partys and had plenty of funny moments. And we, respectively Bar11, developed based on our new experiences and especially your feedback.

And what is Bar11 at the end?

Bar11 is a modern sportsbar and an international gastropub with an open and familiar atmosphere. At Bar11 you can enjoy tasty meals, creative drinks and international sports. But thats not all: With our events there’s always something new to experience: Either a tasting, a culinary night or a great party with DJ.

That’s Bar11!

Now a new chapter starts with Sunset Beach. We want and will build on the experiences of Bar11 and are looking forward to your feedback again.

Thanks for reading


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