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Our opening - an incredible day!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Wow, we are so excited!

Thanks to all our guests

who celebrated our

official opening with us!

We are looking forward to

many other events with you.

Let's start season 2020!

Together with our partners we had planned a great day with you.

The arrangements went on for days and started on Saturday early in the morning with the preparations for our paella.

At 14:00 we started with a delicious paella tasting.

After the delicious paella we started with the music. The first of three DJ's played.

Unfortunately, this was supposed to be the last DJ on the day, as suddenly and surprisingly we were forbidden to let any DJ play music. This was disappointing for us, but luckily, neither we nor our great guests let it spoil their mood.

In the meantime we started to work up quite a sweat and were able to learn a lot as a team.

If you have waited a little longer for your drink sometimes, we thank you for your understanding.

We hope our special offers, the delicious canapes and our dedicated crew have given you an overall special day.

We remember this special day with great pleasure.

We will continue to work on ourselves so that a visit

to Sunset Beach will be a little bit more special every time!

Thank you very much for your visit!

See you very soon ;) Your Sunset-Beach Crew

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