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Preparing for season 2021: Our opening date is official

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The winter was long and some of it was just sad.

The Corona virus makes it really hard to plan and we had to adjust our plans several times.

But now we want to make it official.

We finally want to welcome you back to Playa de Palma!

We finally want to laugh, taste and enjoy life with you again!

That's why we will open Sunset Beach for the 2021 season on 15 April!

We are working diligently on the preparations that need to be made.

We have already collected ideas from your feedback in the summer, worked on them in the winter and are now incorporating them into

a new menu.

We're making sure you're warm in the cooler months, outfitting our crew with new, beautiful and sustainably produced clothing, and so on....

Despite the anticipation we feel throughout the crew, we always have to take into account the current regulations and restrictions.

But we have already managed that in 2020 and will make it even nicer together in 2021!

Soon it will finally be time again for perfect cocktails with a beautiful sea view, fresh and high quality meals and lots of feel-good moments while watching the sun go down.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your SunsetBeach-Crew!

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