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Sunset Beach is open!!

After months of work, forwards and backwards, moments of frustration and uncertainty (due to COVID.19) we opened Sunset Beach on the 20th of June 2020 at 17:00.

We couldn't set up our restaurant 100% as we planned it in order to comply with distance rules and it is really warm to work wearing a mask but that won't take away our smiles when welcoming you here at Sunset Beach!

And in the end we all know (or at least hope) that normality will come back some day :)

And until then, we make the best of it!

Believe us, you will forget the past months when having a lovely cocktail enjoying the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

Antonio (on the picture) was unbelievable happy to serve the first drinks to his guests at this new, stunning venue.

This was a typical "Soft Opening". What does this mean? Besides communicating it with friends & family as well as on our (yet not really frequented) social media channels we didn't do any advertising and just opened.

The Sunset-Beach Crew will now use the time to learn from each other, optimize processes, find problems and sometimes even make mistakes.

And in two weeks, on the 4th July, we will be ready for the official opening!! More information later ;)

Thanks for reading

Your Sunset-Beach Crew

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