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The first weeks on our terrace

We had to wait so long until we could finally start the 2021 season with you.

We spent the winter thinking about our menu and drinks menu and were really looking forward to surprising you with new ideas.

To finally be able to get started is wonderful!

It's so nice to see you enjoying your time on our sunny terrace.

We love to see the smile on your face when you put your cocktail down and the look of satisfaction on your face when you put your cutlery away.

We continue to appreciate your feedback and work on ourselves every day.

Always with the aim that you have a wonderful time together with your friends on our lovely terrace.

With a view of the Mediterranean (and we don't have to work on that at all ;) )

We must continue to comply with all official regulations and will plan events, offers and similar special features within this framework.

Stay tuned, the summer still has a lot to offer!

Your SunsetBeach-Crew

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